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It's been literally years since I've seen a decent Touhou parody. I do very much like how you did this. Well done!

I like the wide variety of talent! Bravo and well done!

Your use of symbols in this film is really good. It's very interesting, and I think you have very good insights.

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*takes a moment to take a deep breath and feel old*

I'm gonna miss Flash. I remember back in the mid-aughts, you were one of the cool kids if you knew how to do Flash animations and games. Part of me dreamed of making a Flash game or movie. In the end I only made an anime flash of my OC blinking to some weird electronic music on a trippy background LOL. But the point is, I remember how cool Flash was.

And the odd thing is, I do wonder what the future will bring. I do try to be optimistic, so it's only natural that I believe that maybe there will be something new to bring people together, like Flash did.

With that said, three cheers and a toast to the future!

This game has nice claymation and music. What is the music for this btw?

I love a good concept and this game certainly has it. I wonder if the mechanics used can be expanded upon in future games. I'm certainly looking forward to it.

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I liked hearing this in "Zos"! This track in particular is probably my favorite because it's so mysterious. Bravo!

wandschrank responds:

Thanks a lot! :)

You did a really good job with the creepy ambience. 5/5! :D :D

The beginning was really creepy, and the things the demons were saying (especially the "Master") gave the feeling that something really bad was going to happen.

As a horror fan, I say, "Well done!"

Laphin responds:

I appreciate the feedback!! Thanks a bunch. :)

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There's something really mesmerizing about this. I like it!

I love your use of blues and purples in this! :D :D

plantm responds:

Thanks, this is one of my favorites personally :D

Nice work!

I like that everything flows well in this. Also, I like the color and details you chose! :D :D

Artofinca responds:


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