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I'm writing my dissertation.

5/25/13 by gleegleep

It's taking up a lot of my time. During breaks, I do make new music. Maybe at some point I'll post something new up. Hopefully soon.


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BIOINFORMATICS!? Dude, you are creeping me out. I literally just got done writing a proposal about getting information on a job in *bioinformatics* and graduate schooling in a related field. Not even 20 minutes ago...then I just decided to check my NG feed, and I see this LOL. So I take it your quite familiar with ncbi? and you've used tools like ANNOVAR?

that's cool man. So I guess you've done a lot of genetic manipulation of plants to make them more resistant? Or do you use some other method?

exciting! let me know how it goes :D



that's cool man, i'm in my last year (hopefully) as an undergrad. although i will have close to enough credits from years of undecisiveness to graduate as a PhD, too bad they are mostly 100-200 level electives XD

is there any specific areas of biology that you are particularly interested in? what is your dissertation on? at the undergraduate level I don't feel like I know nearly enough to get a job in said field.

6/5/13 (Updated 6/5/13) gleegleep responds:

I am in a relatively new (and popular) area of biology called bioinformatics, where I use statistical methods and advanced software to look at what an organism does by looking at all the genes at once (if you already know about this then cool beans :D; if not that's OK too ).

My dissertation is on the interactions between plants and parasitic weeds. The results of my dissertation research will be part of a plan to create a better defense system for plants against parasitic weeds.



hey, i remember you. i think we traded reviews about 5 years ago haha. you were/are studying biology correct? so am i.

5/31/13 gleegleep responds:

Oh I remember that! :D :D When we traded reviews. Good times!

Yes I am studying biology. As a matter of fact I'm in my last year of graduate school (I'm writing my dissertation).
And you're studying biology too? Cool! :D